About Exso Sarana Globalsindo

ESG was founded in 2018 and legally registered as a limited liability company. We focus on the supply of engineering goods and services throughout the Indonesia region. We are capable of providing specialized services & equipment to oil and gas, mining, geothermal, power, marine, and other industrial projects all over Indonesia. Our team is well-experienced professionals with leading-edge expertise in energy and associated sectors.

ESG focuses on building itself to have a reputation as a provider of complete supply chain and engineering solutions, which integrate each separate link in the chain, such as the provision of quality products & services, procurement, logistics, inventory and production links with leading manufacturers, distributors, experts, and suppliers worldwide.

We strive to establish lasting relationships with customers based on consistent performance. This is achieved by ensuring maximum attention with the best service, quality products, competitive pricing, and prompt delivery.

At ESG, customer satisfaction is our priority.

Supporting oil and gas, minerals and geothermal company for drilling, exploration, and production

Supporting pipeline, oil and gas gathering, and transmission companies

Supporting refineries, manufacturers, chemical producers and processors, utilities, and other distributors