Our Market

ESG is committed to serving our customers by providing complete supply chain and engineering solutions in the upstream, downstream, downstream, chemical and industrial segments. We believe that we represent almost the entire package in the industry, and we are ready to meet every requirement of our customers no matter which market they represent.

Drilling, Exploration & Production 

We focus on our onshore or offshore customer operations, ESG has solutions to supply products, services, and supply chain management solutions to minimize downtime and reduce unnecessary costs in your upstream operations. Our experience will provide the best solution for all your operation problems.? We are sourcing premium quality products, including tubular, BHA, mud pump parts, BOP parts, handling tools, chemical, electrical, and mechanical Products and most of rig floor equipment parts. We also offer a wide variety of products for your rig consumable parts etc.

Pipeline, Oil and Gas Gathering Stations

We are dedicated to the success of your midstream operations. We provide flexible and comprehensive supply chain solutions that help ensure increased operational efficiency and security of your project. Our procurement team and resources will help you find materials, services, manage inventory, and coordinate delivery of the items you need. Our expertise is valuable to customers in all midstream market segments. We are your source for premium quality products, including pipes and fittings, valves, and automation product packages.

Refining, Chemical Processing

We focus on the complexity of the refining and chemical industry, with an emphasis on alloy, carbon steel, stainless steel, and special products, we strive to provide the best support for our customers to maintain their production flow. We offer a wide variety of pipes, valves, fittings, and Flanges for small and large units. Our extensive product and technical offerings distinguish us as the preferred supplier in the refining and chemical processing market. Our complete line of products fully complements the requirements of your operation.

Supporting oil and gas, minerals and geothermal company for drilling, exploration, and production

Supporting pipeline, oil and gas gathering, and transmission companies

Supporting refineries, manufacturers, chemical producers and processors, utilities, and other distributors