Handling Tools

Handling Tools




Handling Tools play a major part in any modern drilling operation. They are used for suspending, moving and rotating tubulars in and around the well center and on the drill floor.

ESG recognizes the demand for quality handling tools, we can help you to provide brand new or refurbish product of handling tools and its associate spare parts which available to support the Indonesian market. Customer satisfaction is the highest priority of our dedicated professionals. Our vision is to be your preferred partner for innovative Pipe Handling Solutions.


Product range :

Hydraulic, pneumatic and manual Elevators, Elevator / Spiders, Elevator Links, Power Slips, Bushing Type Elevators which allow the user to utilize one Elevator frame for various pipe sizes, Wrench & Spinner, Drill Pipe Spinners, Casing Bushings & Hinged Casing Spiders, Manual Tongs, Manual Slips, Safety Clamps, Master Bushings, Slip Lifter / BackSaver.