Drilling Tools

Drilling Tools




ESG offers a complete range of drilling tools to help keep your operation moving forward, from Drilling Jars, Drilling Bit and Shock tools to Circulation Subs and Stabilizers. In addition to our full range of BHA components, we offer the latest drilling and evaluation innovations that help you optimize the drilling process from bit to crown.


Drilling Jars

ESG offers drilling jars and intensifiers from various manufacturers to provide reliable performance in vertical, low-angle, directional, horizontal, and extended-reach applications. Engineered with high tensile and torsional strengths, hydraulic delay metering systems, and mechanical mandrel latches, products that we offer can help you make an impact when your drill string gets stuck downhole.


Drill string Components

ESG offers a variety of drill string components to support your drilling operation. Products include lift subs for tool handling, bit and crossover subs for making up tools with different connections, specialty subs for housing float valves and BHA orienting, and saver subs used to protect the kelly and other key components.


Reamers and Wipers

Reamers and Wipers reduce torque and drag, increase the rate of penetration, and improve operational efficiency. ESG can provide the industry with a wide variety of reamers and wipers including Roller Reamers, Keyseat Wipers and Tapered Blade Reamers.


Stabilization Tools

A typical bottom hole assembly (BHA) will include one or two stabilizers placed in the drill string to increase stiffness. Sometimes additional stabilizers are added to the drill string to further increase BHA rigidity to ensure that wellbore deviation is minimized. Stabilizers also prevent differential sticking of the drill string by stabilizing the BHA and keeping drill collars and drill pipe away from the borehole wall. This reduces vibration, drill pipe whirl, and wellbore tortuosity. The stabilization tools are also useful to maintain drilling trajectory whether drilling straight, horizontal, or directional wells.


Drill Bits

We offer various range of drill bits, from tricone bit to PDC bit, with advanced cutter technology and innovative designs to deliver efficient, reliable performance in any environment.